Startup ideas trends to watchout in 2020
startup ideas

Startup ideas trends to watchout in 2020

Startup Ideas Sectors showed maximum traction in 2019:

– Artificial intelligence

– Voice recognition

– Big data

– Edge computing

The year 2019 could have been generous but the year 2020 played a crucial role despite

worst ever pandemic creating huge impact worldwide. To extrapolate further, if we observe

trends of business, tech startup ideas are leading the way due to new innovations born each day.


What is important to note amongst all of them is many form collaborations with some of them

targeting to deliver real solutions to business problems by innovatively creating combination

of technologies.

Also startup ideas that seem to come out of the left field can bring amazing success. Read this list of startup ideas for instant inspiration and switching on your creative gear. Ideas vary from travel-oriented, writing, and food-based ideas, so you’re bound to find one that works for you.

Some of emerging trends in the year 2020 for startup ideas:


Learning and Education:

This sector is ever lasting where the disruption is created by use of technology or shift of

consumer behavior. Learning is a never ending process be it school, higher education or to

upgrade skills after someone get into a job and at the same time there are new generations

who wanted to learn in a different way. The need for access to good education and evolution

of new technology helped learners to move out from physical classroom to virtual, web

based, theme based learning. Amongst all of this, how can we forget what COVID 19 taught

people all over the world where people couldn’t move to physical class room and couldn’t

efford to loose valuable time and hence moved to explore new areas. In recent years more

than 50% of students have subscribed to online classes. Few of well know startups who

have made themselves prepared with new innovations have done extremely well even

during pandemic, some of popular ones are Byju’s, Udemy, UpGrad etc.


Supply chain and retail distribution:

One of the most important process while setting up business is logistics and probably one of

the most grueling. There are business challenges from meeting customer expectations to

beating expectation to bring satisfaction – from one week delivery to two hours, we have

truly evolved thanks to technology and some sharp brains.

Retain distribution is one of the core sectors as its making of 10% of global GDP. It has more

worse impact and takes longer time to streamline unless it is handled effectively e.g. lose

customer interest, high cost of delivery, penalty for delay, loss of revenue, inventory damage

etc. Many startup ideas have already evolved to take advantage of the same using technology as

a value differentiator.


Healthcare startup

Service oriented businesses in healthcare that help individual monitor their health regularly.

This is an easy task at hospitals, however when individual try to be flexible and wanted to

consult experts they often struggle to find records. Almost 75% of healthcare costs are


accounted to the management of chronic diseases daily. Hence to remove constant

checkups and to reduce response durations, the emerging need for devices and software

arises. Remote healthcare deals with the development of such solutions.

Workspace Management service:

We have seen a phase where offices moved from lockable to shared office spaces. This

move ensured access to service such as infrastructure, support service (HR, Technology,

accounting, design etc). An option to plug and play offices is bound to grow post pandemic

where offices trying to save cost by giving up plush lockable offices and allowing employees

to operate at their comfort from multiple locations. This will come along with aspects like

work life balance, health and wellness, connecting various communities, mentorship and so

much more.


Organize special travel tours startup

Make a specialist travel tour company to appeal to your unique lifestyle preferences. A tour startup ideas for solo travellers, a food-based tour tailored towards certain dietary preferences, or even an age-based tour company might gain popularity through different demographics.

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